Welcome to TileDriver User Docs!

What is TileDriver?

TileDriver is a platform for storing, processing and visualizing geospatial data and imagery. It consists of three components:

TileDriver Manage

Manage is the site you are on now. You can use Manage to upload and store data and images as well as control how other aspects of the TileDriver platform work.


TileDriver Process

Process consists of algorithms that can be used to manipulate geospatial imagery as well as vector data. Process also provides GIS layers to TileDriver Visualize or other GIS software via map tiles.

TileDriver Visualize

Visualize is how you view geospatial data on a map. Visualize is also used as the front end for applying algorithms to imagery via TileDriver Process, and provides other analysis capabilities.


Types of Accounts

TileDriver has three account types:

  • Basic

    TileDriver Basic is a free account and lets you do most things the platform is capable of. With a Basic account you are limited to five data layers and cannot add base maps.

  • Pro

    With TileDriver Pro, you can upload up to 100 data layers and add basemap API keys for services like MapBox.

  • Enterprise

    Unlike Basic and Pro accounts, TileDriver Enterprise is intended for teams and companies with multiple users. With an Enterprise account, you can add and manage an unlimited number of users and even control what those users are able to do with other parts of the platform.