TileDriver Basemap Options

Basemaps in TileDriver, as with other GIS software, provide a context for geospatial data. When you get directions in Google Maps you see a map of streets, possibly including traffic information, with your directions overlaid. You can choose to view the basemap as a satellite (or overhead imagery) view as well.

In the same way, TileDriver provides you with a number of basemaps to help you make sense of your geospatial data. The basemap switcher in TileDriver Visualize allows you to select which basemap you want to view at any given time.

TileDriver comes with the following basemaps:

Image Description
screenshot50 CartoDB Positron
screenshot50 CartoDB Positron No Labels
screenshot50 CartoDB Dark Matter
screenshot50 Open Street Map
screenshot50 OpenTopoMap
screenshot50 Open Street Map B&W
screenshot50 Stamen Terrain
screenshot50 Stamen Terrain No Labels
screenshot50 Stamen Toner
screenshot50 USGS Hydro
screenshot50 USGS Imagery Only
screenshot50 USGS Imagery and Topographic
screenshot50 USGS Shaded Relief

Mapbox Basemaps

If you have a Mapbox API key, you can also choose among these additional basemaps:

Image Description
screenshot50 Mapbox Dark
screenshot50 Mapbox Light
screenshot50 Mapbox Outdoors
screenshot50 Mapbox Satellite
screenshot50 Mapbox Satellite Streets
screenshot50 Mapbox Traffic Day
screenshot50 Mapbox Traffic Night